Pink Azaleas

Amoxicillin Reaction

A severe reaction (allergy)  to Amoxicillin,

  • Severe, total body rash
  • Itching
  • no fever, spots in mouth, no sick feelings
  • no swelling or breathing troubles

The doctor prescribed the following:

  • New antibiotic prescription of  Azithromycin (So the strep wouldn’t turn into rhuematic fever several weeks hence)
  • ASAP: do an antihistamine below.
  • Zyrtec 24 hour at bedtime (crucial step to get them through the night with antihistimanes in their system)
  • Benedryl every 6 hours during the day for itching.

This worked out to a regimen of Benedryl at 7-8am and 1-2 pm then Zyrtec 6 hours later at bedtime.

  • Hydrocortozone creme as needed. ( A 1:1 mixture of Benedryl creme and Hyrdocortozone creme was recommended by a surgical nurse. Just remember not to use this within 4 hours of taking the Benedryl because it is absorbed through the skin.)
  • Also, baths in epsom salts helped us.


  • Most redness in the rash & most itching gone within 48 hours