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Basic Archery Shot Cycle – The Learning Process

The section on the Basic Archery Shot Cycle will help you tie all of the basic steps together so your sequence is a well-planned, harmonious cycle that is gracefully executed.

When you understand how to apply the Basic Archery Shot Cycle you will become much more consistent and accurate in your shooting skill and you can shoot longer with less fatigue.

Tip For Beginners

The Archery Shot Cycle is a complex sequence that requires the development of new muscle and motor skill if it is to be performed correctly.

If you acknowledge this one simple fact right up front, you are likely to be a successful self-taught archer in a shorter time.

The real difference between working with an advanced athlete and a new archery student is the depth of content, the number of repetitions, the amount of time and the frequency of exposure necessary to develop the new skill.

Secondly the archer will perform extra physical activity that is specific to archery to increase strength and endurance so we can minimize the risk of injury during day long tournaments.

Last, the archer moves in to the role of a true athlete when I introduce them to the mental training phase that gets them in the game and keeps them focused through the very last shot cycle.