Healing for Ears

Simply stating or asking in for what we our words of what need in prayer is good but not as good as declaring God’s words over the need. Here are some for ears, in particular. All of these Scriptures pulled from the English Standard Version.  Special thanks to for compiling them. Mark 4:23-24   […]


Healing Scriptures by Don Dickerman

This recording is comes to you via Don Dickerman.  It is a compilation of scriptures verbalized as a prayer for healing. “Don has directed an international ministry to prisons since 1974, having personally ministered in more than 850 different prison facilities in North America, the Caribbean and Europe. In 1995, he received a powerful anointing […]

Pink Azaleas

Amoxicillin Reaction

A severe reaction (allergy)  to Amoxicillin, Severe, total body rash Itching no fever, spots in mouth, no sick feelings no swelling or breathing troubles The doctor prescribed the following: New antibiotic prescription of  Azithromycin (So the strep wouldn’t turn into rhuematic fever several weeks hence) ASAP: do an antihistamine below. Zyrtec 24 hour at bedtime […]


How the Lord Cured Lactose Intolerance

Somewhere along the way, I became lactose intolerant.  Then, after not eating dairy products for a few years, my calcium dropped so low that my heart rhythm got out of whack. I was taking calcium supplements but was battling bowel problems and chose to stop taking all supplements until it got worked out.  This left […]