How the Lord Cured Lactose Intolerance

Somewhere along the way, I became lactose intolerant.  Then, after not eating dairy products for a few years, my calcium dropped so low that my heart rhythm got out of whack. I was taking calcium supplements but was battling bowel problems and chose to stop taking all supplements until it got worked out.  This left […]

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Health Problems or Heart Problems?

A few years ago I began to have debilitating health problems.  Health problems have often plagued me but it had been many years since I had truly suffered.  I found myself not only in extreme pain but with physical heart problems that left me tired and breathless.  Those problems have since worked themselves out and […]

prayer or the tired

Prayer for the Tired

I and my family will not faint today Lord. You are an everlasting God and I declare your strength over our lives. Breathe into us the strength to do your pleasing and perfect will today.