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What can you do to make a difference?

What can you do?

  • Prayer walk your neighborhood and drive your city praying for salvation and intervention by Christ.
  • Did you know Social Services will rarely pull a sex trafficking child-victim out of their home after about age 14 because there is no where to put them other than jail?  These girls are being prostituted out by their relatives but Social Services turns a blind eye because there are no foster families to take them?  You can’t put a prostitute into a home where there are other children, because they have been taught to use sex to get what they want out of life, especially in the family environment.  We need foster families that are empty nesters to take these kids in.  Will you do it?
  • Evangelize!  Open your mouth and actually tell someone about Jesus.
  • Will you stand up for justice when you see injustice being done?  Turning a blind eye is not what the Bible means by being meek.
  • Forgive.