These are a couple of the many songs and rhythms the Lord has given us to declare in worship and praise.  We enjoy a variety of worship songs, most of which are commonly known. Still, the Lord has given us a few of our own that we have enjoyed singing back to him…some are melodies – “interludes”, as we call them; and others are special songs that have been used in group settings


This particular piece is one of our “Anthem” songs.  This song is the vision the Lord has given us for ALL people to see and know the Lord – His glory that is as widespread and consuming as the giant oceans that surround our lands.  This song is taken from Habakkuk 2:14 and speaks of the Lord’s glory like a covering, just like water covers the surface of the seas.

As The Waters Cover the Seas (Studio Version) | Copyright (c)  | August 2016


This song is also an instrumental or “interlude” that was a reflection from our past.  The Lord has a way to build upon where we have come from in helping us focus on where we are going.  The journey is still one very much within the unknown.

Pan De Vida (Studio Version) | Copyright (c) | August 2016