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What do I do to become a follower of Jesus?

  • When you are ready to make Jesus the Christ, the Messiah, the Savior and the boss of your life, the words are simple but the doing of it is radical.
    • It is important that you understand to whom you are pledging your life.  In short, He is the sinless son of God and yet, at the same time, He is God.  He was present at Creation and throughout history until he came to earth in the flesh, born of a virgin; lived a sinless life; and gave His life on the cross as the culmination of almost 400 Old Testament prophecies; then rose again to physical life three days later to conquer death and sin and to bring us into individual relationship with God, without needing a mediator or a blood sacrifice to make is so.  For more details, you can go here.
    • You may have heard of the Romans Road or the Sinner’s Prayer and those are good, but know that it’s not the model that counts but what’s in your heart. If you like those ways of asking Jesus in your heart, please do click on the links above.
    • Jesus told us when to pray to pray to God, the Father.  Here is how he taught us.  Please take a moment to go and read it and the come back.
    • In essence, you are telling God that you are accepting His payment for your sins through Jesus Christ.  You are telling God that you are sorry, grieved, for the ways you have hurt Him, for rebelling and doing it your own way, and you are pledging that He can do anything in your life and with your life that He so chooses.

Do you feel a stirring in your heart or can’t sit still? God is calling you.

Will you do this now?  If you have never given God control of your life, nothing changes.