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What does it mean to make Jesus your Savior and Lord?

First, let’s make sure we’re talking about the same thing.

    • Some people believe that to be American means to be Christian or that because their parents were Christians that they are Christians.  That’s not it.
    • Some people believe if they go to church services regularly, give money to the church or the poor and participate regularly in activities of the organized church that they are Christians.  That’s not it.
    • Some people believe that if they are a pastor or religious worker and teach the Bible they can go to Heaven, too.  That’s not it.
    • Some people believe if they are moral and good, they can go to Heaven.  That’s not it.
    • All of these things are substitutes.  Not one of them will get you into Heaven.  They will just leave you tired, empty and burned out.
    • So, what is the hope?  What is the truth?
    • The Bible declares the good news that access to God, including Heaven is through one door, one foundation.  His name is Jesus Christ.  He is the very representation of God, come in the flesh to make the final and only lasting payment for our sins to God’s ultimate requirement of a blood sacrifice from an unblemished lamb or goat.
    • I ask you,  Where do you stand with Jesus Christ?
    • Whether you are a pastor or a serial killer.  There is no mercy for those who withhold their hearts and lives from Him.  We are all messed up.
      • Don’t let your pride tell you that your sins are too great for God to forgive.  You make a liar out of God when you think that.
      • Don’t think your little secret sins that you think are only hurting you won’t come to light.  He will expose all in the end.
      • Don’t think you have enough time and can do it later.  Time is running out.
    • The whole point of all of this is that God forgives ALL who call upon the name of Jesus.  If God’s standard is that even if you call someone a ‘fool’ then you don’t deserve to be in relationship with Him, now and on the other side.
    • We are in a season right now where God is purifying the God-lovers of the world, the Jesus followers, to get ready to become the Bride of Christ.  We are not yet, the Bride, but we are in a preparation phase where we are purifying our hearts, minds and lives so that when He returns, we are ready for him.

Some like videos better so here’s one that really makes sense.