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Can You Overcome?

The first prophetic dream that I ever had was on a trip with a college professor. She asked us to go with her to evangelize and love on her people, and so we did. Each time we would spend two weeks. Each team had an interpreter. As we would go around to these churches and […]

Happy Group Together Celebrating the Visors
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The Miracle of the Visors

I had the privilege of going on mission trips when I was a teenager through Acteens, a church organization;. and on one of the trips we were in Belize.  We were doing Vacation Bible School and we had taken visors, little visors, for that day’s craft. We had 50 visors, a certain number of visors. […]

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Eight Minute Oil Change

Transcript Another time that my father went on vacation with us, we had gone to New Mexico and we had this old white, passenger van like that they used to make conversion vans out of, well, we had gone and we somehow cracked another block. So we’re going in this van, we’ve cracked a block. […]