Meet The Teacher

First entering the paid teaching world in 2016 at a University Model School, Ms. McClelland found it engaging and inspiring to be involved in sharpening the minds of the next generation. She began homeschooling her children in 2014 and has helped lead homeschool organizations in a previous city. She holds a Masters in Missiology from SWBTS and an undergrad in Business Management from Howard Payne University.  For 12 years, she ran her own technology firm doing Tech Support and Web Development for companies from small family owned businesses to the Texas Christian University telecommunications department and a major financial wirehouse and is a passioned supporter of Maker’s Faire’s, being on the board to bring the annual event in her previous home.

Syllabus PDF (click here)

Great news!  The website for the course is now up and being populated. Once you’ve signed up at FACET, proceed there to make payments and see where your student will sign in for their assignments!