Our Primary Curriculums:

  • Carnegie Mellon Videos
  • Ev3Lessons.com
    • “EV3Lessons has tested and approved all lessons in Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Beyond, and Workshops. If you use any of the lessons in your own classrooms/workshops, or use any techniques/code presented on this site in a contest, you must credit the original author for the work/idea.  “

Important Points Covered In Class

  • How to Power On & Off
  • How to Update the Firmware
  • Keep the Charging Port Available When Designing and Building Robots
  • The “Back Button”
  • The “EV3” is how they refer to the brain brick.
  • Negative Power makes it go backwards.  (Like reverse polarity of a motor) This is controlled on the slider bar.
  • The app for calculating wheel size vs moving distance can be found here.

Other Curriculums For Extra Fun