Datalogging might be possible to enable within the home kit.  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK


The following website ( commenters said this:

  • “Yes you could. If you can get your hands on the education software, you can upload the EV3 education firmware onto the home edition brick. Here are the steps:
    • Shut off brick
    • Hold down right and middle buttons
    • When it says updating..
    • Then plug into computer with the educational version of software
    • Open up Tools
    • Firmware update
    • Click on firmware update….choose recent version
    • Click download”


  • “Actually yes, you can do data logging on your home edition. The firmware is capable to run programs that have been created on the education edition and contain the block “Data logging”. In this block you define which sensor is logged etc. When the program runs it creates a log file on the brick. This file contains the logged data. The file contains some binary data for each log value, you have to figure out the format of it to change it to readable data.Once you open a program containing the “Data logging” block on your home edition, you will be able to copy and change this block in any way.”