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  • Warring For Your Prophetic Promise

    Warring For Your Prophetic Promise

    Transcript You know, the world has been waiting a long time for their prophetic promises to come true. We’ve been waiting a long time. And Mike was just sharing a story about a prayer last night, and I’d just like him to recapture that for you guys. So we’re going to bed around 10:00 at…

  • Our First Time To Go To Zero

    Our First Time To Go To Zero

    I want to tell you about the first time that the Lord took Michael and I to zero financially while he increased everything else exponentially. Our faith, our trust in one another. And we were living in Fort Worth at the time, and Michael was working for Merrill Lynch. He had gone into management there…

  • A Hard Day

    A Hard Day

    Today was a hard day. Hear a story on learning to trust God through pain.